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→ White racial identity development theory and how to navigate the stages of development

→ Personal Identity and how to unpack the things about you that stall your growth and can cause harm

→ White fragility and implicit bias to help you learn the ways in which you can cause harm and how to avoid it.



→ A brief overview of racism in our country and how it’s evolved

→ Study of Feminism and racism

→ Unbelieving what you believe (facing your racist beliefs)

→ Understanding what hurts and how to work towards healing

→ The journey to accomplice (hint, being an ally isn’t the goal)

→ How to influence friends and family to do this work

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What if I feel too embarrassed or afraid to ask questions?

This is where you have to be okay with feeling uncomfortable so you can learn and grow. This is a grace filled place to ask the questions you're embarrassed to ask.

What's your goal for this experience, Monique? What are you hoping the women who do this experience will get out of it?

My main goal is that women will have an opportunity to be exposed to the work of anti-racism so they can understand what it looks like to engage in this work. And also so they can understand that it is possible for them to do this within the realm of influence they already have in their lives, but it first starts with them. My goal is to provide a grace filled space for the women to ask questions to things regarding race that they otherwise wouldn't have a place to ask. I want them to ask the questions and do the work, so they can begin to work through their implicit bias beliefs and move towards supportive beliefs about people of color, which can move us towards racial unity.

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This is the experience you go to when you’ve been doing work and you realize there’s much more to do and you’re ready to do it.

Inner Shine Experience: THE STORY

This program is the next steps after the Unity Over Comfort Program to dig deeper into the inner work. This is a small and intimate in-person experience to further investigate the inner work to ensure you’re most equipped to continually engage in this work and stay on the journey.



→ We will dive deep into the inner heart work for anti-racism in an effort to work towards diverse unity. we will explore and experience the local culture as well as visit the African American history museum.

LODGING: A beautiful spacious AIRBNB to comfortably accommodate our group. Lodging is included in the experience. Shared rooms/bathrooms (but no shared beds).

GROUP COACHING: We will explore the topics mentioned as a group and do the heart work together.

MEALS: You’ll buy what you want to eat for dinner, but breakfast, lunch, and snacks are included (everyone is responsible for their dinner meals).

TRANSPORTATION: By car to and from planned experiences is included. Additional transportation to and from airports is not included.

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REGULAR: $1,597 (Valued at over $5,000 but really this work is priceless.)

HOW TO RESERVE A SEAT: A deposit of $250 is required to secure a space.

**This experience is only available to current or past students of the Unity Over Comfort program.

The current experience is full, but news for the next experience will be shared with the next round of the Unity Over Comfort group that begins in January, 2020.