Kind Words

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Alisa Casas, Studio Operations Manager at MetroCast Channel 10


"Monique, it has been a pleasure to work with you on the recent special event set designs for MetroCast Channel 10. Your ability to pull together a unique set for our Christmas TV special was incredible. You have vision, ingenuity and loads of creativity. I hope that there will be other opportunities to work together again in the future."


Connie Fuksa, Foote Title Insurance Company

"I come from a place of lots of experience in my industry and lots of knowledge about running a team, what I thought I lacked was how to take an existing company from churning in the same circle to turning into a powerhouse in our industry.  I met Monique a year ago and her infectious energetic personality drew me in immediately and I knew I had to work with her!  Every step of the process of working with her has enlightened me to thoughts and processes I never knew we were capable of.  She reminded me why I do what I do and taught me on more than one occasion how to turn that into the successful new path we are on. After working with her for a year, yes we extended our contract because I couldn’t be without her awesome ideas and creativity in pulling information out of my brain, we have not only turned around our business but are growing exactly in the directions we set forth at the beginning of the year.  Monique has single-handedly reenergized my plans and has helped me create new areas to explore to not only to grow my business but to take my business and myself to levels I couldn’t even imagine were available.  I feel so fortunate to have met her and have the opportunity to work with her.  If you're considering working with her you would be doing yourself and your business a huge disservice if you choose against it.  Every dollar I spent with her has been a return on my investment one hundred times over.  Thank you, Monique for the incredible value and friendship!"


Rachel Naber, Nabers Photos & Design

"My overall experience with Monique Melton has been helpful in clarifying my company's brand and marketing goals for the future of my business. Monique provides personalized services with poignant questions to help you align your brand with your personal core values and has creative ideas to market a small business."


Erin Lewis, Gals Lead

"You are truly a GOD sent ANGEL!!!!  This is absolutely perfect and professional.  Thank you so much. I’m starting to feel like we’re finally putting the foundation under our dream thanks to you! Your process of clarifying the brands' identity is fabulous.  In addition, the marketing plan created will allow for duplication in the future, plus your help actually executing the plan was exactly what we needed What I liked most about working with Monique Melton is her beautiful spirit!!!"


Carrie Grace, Carrie Grace Shop

"Monique was incredibly easy to work with from start to finish. She delivered great content for my audience!"


"Monique's sense of style and love for God shines through everything she does. Not only is she an absolute breath of fresh air, she just radiates confidence. Every time I've walked away from a conversation with her I have always felt uplifted and refreshed.”

Amanda Adams, Amanda Adams Photography


Amy Thompson, Lola Belle Co.

"Working with you has been a great experience.  I learned how to focus on exactly what I want my business to represent and how to communicate that to the customer. It’s been easy to connect with you and share what I need.  I feel like I have someone on my team to encourage me and uplift me in my business which is priceless! "


"Just found your info this morning and I just did the week one challenge. It's exactly what I've needed. I have two bad experiences with having someone help "brand me." These questions were the right questions to be asking because I can finally articulate all the things I've been picturing, but haven't been able to put into words about my brand. Thank you!!"

Shannon Bishop, Shannon Bishop Photography


"I was STUCK for a while with the direction I wanted to go with my artistry business - You've gotten me back into my "Business" mind frame again and I am more motivated than ever to re-brand and promote my artistry. Thank you sooooooo much!"

Tia Noel, Makeup Artist