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We Shine Brighter Together

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the podcast

The Shine Brighter Together Podcast is a place where we share the challenges, complexities and sheer joy of building healthy relationships and doing the heart work for true diverse unity.

You can expect to hear solo episodes by Monique Melton who is an author, speaker, relationship and diversity coach and creator of the Shine Brighter Together community.

Guest episodes include people from different walks of life sharing diverse perspectives on relationships and diversity.


The “heart work” helps us in our spiritual and personal growth.

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kind words

"Monique's sense of style and love for God shines through everything she does. Not only is she an absolute breath of fresh air, she just radiates confidence. Every time I've walked away from a conversation with her I have always felt uplifted and refreshed.” - Amanda Adams

"My overall experience with Monique Melton has been helpful in clarifying my company's brand and marketing goals for the future of my business. Monique provides personalized services with poignant questions to help you align your brand with your personal core values and has creative ideas to market a small business." - Rachel Naber


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