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→ Understanding what hurts and how to work towards healing

→ What it means to be an accomplice

→ White racial identity development, personal identity, and implicit bias

→ How to influence friends and family to do this work



→ You know you have white privilege and you want to dismantle the system of white supremacy that gives you that PRIVILEGE.

→ If the idea of people of color suffering under this oppressive system frustrates you, but you don’t know what to do with that frustration.

→ If people in your family say racist things and you want to know how to navigate those relationships.

→ If you want to avoid causing additional harm to people of color.

→ If you have black and brown friends and you want to know how to better support them.

→ If you want to know better so you can do better

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What if I feel too embarrassed or afraid to ask questions?

This is where you have to be okay with feeling uncomfortable so you can learn and grow. This is a grace filled place to ask the questions you're embarrassed to ask.

What's your goal for this experience, Monique? What are you hoping the women who do this experience will get out of it?

My main goal is that women will have an opportunity to be exposed to the work of anti-racism so they can understand what it looks like to engage in this work. And also so they can understand that it is possible for them to do this within the realm of influence they already have in their lives, but it first starts with them. My goal is to provide a grace filled space for the women to ask questions to things regarding race that they otherwise wouldn't have a place to ask. I want them to ask the questions and do the work, so they can begin to work through their implicit bias beliefs and move towards supportive beliefs about people of color, which can move us towards racial unity.

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Monique believes life is about relationships, connection, and community.

It's about the relationships we have in our faith, with ourselves and with others. And when we are divided by the ugly gap of racism that separates us, then we are unable to truly connect and experience real community.

Unfortunately, many people of color are left out of communities and oppressed due to racism and this needs to change. And we need more white men and women to be a part of that change.

This diversity mastermind is specifically designed for white women, as many are often unaware of what they can do to engage in anti-racism to be a part of changing the world around us.


I hear quite often from white women and women who pass as white that they want to do something about racial unity, but they don't know where to start. And once they begin to do the work they are met with the abrupt realization that there's much work to be done and that it begins within their own hearts.

This often leads to feelings of despair, confusion and overwhelm that can tempt them to give up on this work because it's just too hard.

But giving up on this work keeps people of color lives in danger and that should no longer be an option. Thus, I'm increasingly seeking opportunities to support white women in doing this work for the progress of people of color and for the possibility of true unity to be experienced.

As a diversity coach and educator on the topic of racial unity I know firsthand how transforming educational experiences can be to mind and the heart. And when combined with the power of in-person learning and exploring, then the impact is that much more incredible.

The story behind this experience is to bring the anti-racism education together and present itin an in-person, hands-on, group learning experience that invites you to dig deep with the love and support of community.



→ We will dive deep into the inner heart work for anti-racism in an effort to work towards diverse unity. we will explore and experience the local culture as well as visit the African American history museum.

LODGING: A beautiful spacious AIRBNB to comfortably accommodate our group. Lodging is included in the experience. Shared rooms/bathrooms (but no shared beds).

GROUP COACHING: We will explore the topics mentioned as a group and do the heart work together.

MEALS: You’ll buy what you want to eat for dinner, but breakfast, lunch, and snacks are included (everyone is responsible for their dinner meals).

TRANSPORTATION: By car to and from planned experiences is included. Additional transportation to and from airports is not included.

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EARLY BIRD: $1,397

REGULAR: $1,597 (Valued at over $5,000 but really this work is priceless.)

HOW TO RESERVE A SEAT: A deposit of $250 is required to secure a space.

The deadline to sign-up is August 1, 2109.

The final balance is due September 1, 2019. Payment Plans available.