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Threads Unraveled

Are you ready to fully embrace authenticity? Embracing authenticity begins with your relationship with God and yourself. Read more


Embrace Diversity: Unity Through Diversity

Being born a certain skin color should not shape or influence your experience in this world, yet unfortunately, it does. But, we can change that. Read more

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Happy & Healthy Interracial Friendships

Interracial friendships can be quite the challenge when we don’t know what hurts and how to build a safe and trust-filled place. Read more

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Support & Serve: Building Meaningful Relationships

Life is about relationships. The relationship you have with God, yourself and with others. In this heart-felt, life-giving and strategy focused workshop you can expect to walk away with more confidence and clarity in how to build and nurture meaningful relationships. Read more


Talking To Kids About Race

When it comes to our children nothing is more precious than preparing a better and brighter future for them. It’s our responsibility to prepare them to navigate the world in a way that will be positive and beneficial to the community at large. Read more


Be The Light In The Darkness

There’s likely not a touchier subject in the Christian church than the issue of racism in America. Yet as Christians we are called to be the light in the darkness. Yet the history of the Christian faith and racial justice for people of color is far from being the light and there is still quite a bit of darkness to be exposed. Read more

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"I would definitely invite Monique Melton back as a speaker at our annual women's conference. I loved that she provided real strategies and techniques that participants could take home and apply in their everyday lives. What makes Monique so special is her raw vulnerability and her ability to transform a room of seemingly unconnected people into a place where deep love is felt and found.

- Erin Lewis, Dream Queen Association

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"While brainstorming speakers for our Young Professionals Network’s Lunch & Learn panel, Monique Melton was a no-brainer. We were looking for local experts in networking to build business relationships and Monique not only teaches others how to do this but puts it to practice every day. She meshed with our other two panelists effortlessly and got our audience excited to go out and apply what they learned right away. I look forward to working with Monique on future projects and would highly recommend her to any individual or group looking for an expert in this field."

- Anjelica Eitel

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“Monique has so much energy and passion that she can captivate a room as soon as she starts speaking. She has a unique gift of making each person feel as if they have known her for years and they are family. We were so thankful to have her share her inspiring message that encouraged attendees and was a stand out favorite.”

- Todd Watson, CEO of ShowIt & Host of United Conference