→ A brief overview of racism in our country and how it’s evolved

→ Study of Feminism and racism

→ Unbelieving what you believe (facing your racist beliefs)

→ Understanding what hurts and how to work towards healing

→ The journey to accomplice (hint, being an ally isn’t the goal)

→ How to influence friends and family to do this work



→ You think racism is a thing of the past.

→ You believe that bridging the gap is “their cause” as in it is the burden for people of color to carry.

→ You are afraid of digging deep and breaking down beliefs that you’ve been carrying that are problematic.

→ You expect to feel comfortable or to be given praise for doing this work.

→ You expect ME to do the work for you.

→ If you plan to brag about how much of a great ally you are.

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What's your goal for this experience, Monique? What are you hoping the women who do this experience will get out of it?

My main goal is that women will have an opportunity to be exposed to the work of anti-racism so they can understand what it looks like to engage in this work. And also so they can understand that it is possible for them to do this within the realm of influence they already have in their lives, but it first starts with them. My goal is to provide a grace filled space for the women to ask questions to things regarding race that they otherwise wouldn't have a place to ask. I want them to ask the questions and do the work, so they can begin to work through their implicit bias beliefs and move towards supportive beliefs about people of color, which can move us towards racial Unity.

What If I Miss a Session?

If you miss a session, that's okay. The sessions are recorded and will be made available to you so you can listen to it and do the homework in time for the next session. There are also weekly live Q & A sessions available on a separate day as well, in case you miss a session and want to get feedback. Or in case you want to dig deeper into the content.

What if I feel too embarrassed or afraid to ask questions?

This is where you have to be okay with feeling uncomfortable so you can learn and grow. This is a grace filled place to ask the questions you're embarrassed to ask.

What if I don't do the homework before the next session?

This experience is what you put into it. The more you do the more you will get out of it. I won't be checking your homework, as this work is your responsibility. But I do encourage you to do the homework as it is designed to enhance the learning experience.


This experience is designed to be the next step from the SHINE BOX, as you will learn how to apply the tools of identifying and ELIMINATING racism. This experience expands the concepts by allowing more education, application and interaction. This experience is created to provide a curated curriculum with lectures, articles, videos and resources to help you unpack the concepts related to anti-racism and to apply the information to your life. You will grow from this experience to have the words, confidence and clarity to identify and eliminate racism in your everyday life.



→ Weekly 90 minute sessions w/ Monique Melton for 10 consecutive weeks (sessions will be recorded and made available each week).

→ Weekly assignments to dig deeper into the topics explored in the program.

→ Weekly live Q & A to answer questions (will be recorded)

→ The SHINE Box is included in the enrollment of this program

→ Invite to 2020 in-person experience


$1497. Payment Plan Available—inquire for more details.

Round 4 begins January 27, 2020

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“Through Monique's work, I began to confront my own internal biases and started on my intentional anti-racism journey. I am so grateful for her directness, her emotional labor, her patience, and her wisdom... I joined her diversity mastermind post-election because, like many white women, I was shocked and heartbroken over what had been revealed about racism and sexism in our country. While I was vocal about celebrating diversity and equality, my white privilege had kept me from confronting what had really been there all along.”

-Jenn Gaudreau, Professional Photographer

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This experience has been so eye-opening to all the layers of racism and implicit bias that have lain unnoticed and undisturbed in me my entire life. I’ve been challenged to push beyond my own discomfort to get at the root of my beliefs and feelings, and then to do the work to actively change them. Because, as I’m learning, it’s not enough to just be “not-racist”, I need to be anti-racist, and that takes intention and action.

-Eliza Barnett, Stay At Home Mom + Pastor’s Wife